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 Where do I upload all the files pertaining to my website?
 You need to upload files pertaining to your website to your "public_html" directory inside the root of your account. Files uploaded below your "public_html" directory, such as in the root of your account or in your ftp directory will not be available on your website.
 Where can I find FTP tutorials?
 Please click on the below for a complete list of FTP tutorials. http://www.vodahost.com/tut_ftp.htm
 Acceptable Use Policy on Anonymous FTP
 Does the Acceptable Use Policy apply to materials on my Anonymous FTP site? The Acceptable Uses Policy applies to not only content on your website, but any contents available to Anonymous FTP users. Please respect all international copyrights and do not distribute work that is not your own or work of which you do not have permission to freely distribute.
 Can Anonymous FTP users upload files to my account?
 No, this is not allowed, by default. You, the client, do not want to be responsible for content uploaded by an Anonymous FTP user which may be in violation of our Acceptable Uses Policy. Anonymous FTP users are not allowed to upload content. If you need for a particular person to be able to upload information pertaining to your website, you should consider giving them their own FTP account.
 Can Anonymous FTP users move outside of the ftp directory?
 No. Anonymous FTP users are restricted to your "public_ftp" directory located in the root of your account. These users cannot move below this directory. However, they can move into directories inside of your ftp directory.
 Hostname for FTP?
 Can I use my domain name or must I use my IP address as the hostname for FTP? Using your IP address (xxx.xx.xxx.xxx) is the preferred entry for your hostname, but ftp.yourdomain.com will work as well. We prefer that you use your IP address because in the event you are transferring your domain to us, you can still connect to your site via FTP right away, while your domain name may not be hosted by VodaHost yet. Using your IP address also gets rid of unnecessary DNS traffic. The reasons are small but it is still best to just use your IP address as your hostname.
 What are the files and directories I see when I log in?
 Upon logging into your account, you are restricted to only your account and cannot move outside of your account. When you log in, you are in what is known as the "root" of your account. In here there are several miscellaneous files and directories, all of which are important but none of which should be altered or renamed. In short, do not bother these files. The only files and directories that you should care about are the public_html" directory and the "public_ftp" directory. The "public_html" (mainsitehtml) directory is where all of your files pertaining to your website should reside. Uploading files into the "root" of your account will mean that no one will be able to access them via the web. The "public_ftp" directory is where all of your files pertaining to Anonymous FTP are located. Any files in your ftp directory will be available via Anonymous FTP if enabled.
 Is my FTP activity logged?
 Yes, all FTP activity is monitored and recorded for security purposes.
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