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 Where can I find BlueVoda Tutorials?
 Please click on the link below for a complete list of BlueVoda tutorials. http://www.vodahost.com/tut_bluevoda.htm
 How do I name my pages?
  When naming your websites pages: 1) Name your Home Page "index". DO NOT name your home page "home". 2) Do not use capitols letters when saving pages. Make sure not to save your index page with a capitol "I", use only lower case letters. 3) Keep the name of other pages as short as possible. 4)Use under scores to connect words. For example do not save a page as contact us , you must save it as contact_us. If you had a page called new products, you would save it as new_products. ALWAYS use underscores to connect multiple words in page names. 5) DO NOT add .html. or .htm extensions to your pages. BlueVoda adds .html automatically when you publish your page. Please see the below tutorial video on this topic: http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt2/custom_bluevoda_namingpages.htm
 How do I install templates into BlueVoda
 To install templates into BlueVoda, please follow the following steps -------------------------------------------------- Before you begin to download templates, please make sure that you have the latest version of WinZip installed on your computer. If you are not sure, please click the link below. http://www.vodahost.com/winzip.htm -------------------------------------------------- 1) click on the url below to view all our templates. http://www.vodahost.com/sets.htm 2) Once you find a template set you would like to use. download them to your computer and save them to your desk top. 3) unzip the template set. You will need the latest version of winzip. If you do not have WinZip on your computer. Please click the link below. www.vodahost.com/winzip.htm 4) add a template background to your webpage just like you would add an image. please watch the below video tutorial. http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt/custom_bluevoda_createpage_from_template.htm
 How to link your pages together with hyperlinks.
 Please click the below link. http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt/custom_bluevoda_hyperlink.htm
 How do I add text to my pages?
 In order to insert text into your BlueVoda pages, please follow the below steps: 1) Click the text button on the upper tool bar (or insert > text). 2) Go down to the BlueVoda work space, left click and hold the button down. 3) Drag out a box, then release the button. 4) Double click the text to edit. Also, please watch the below video on adding text to your pages: http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt/custom_bluevoda_text.htm
 How do I add a symbol to my page?
 In order to insert a symbol to your page you first need to double click on the text box where you wish to place the symbol. Then go to Insert > symbol and select the symbol you wish to use. Also, please watch the below video on inserting symbols into your BlueVoda page: http://www.vodahost.com/images/bluevoda_button.gif
 How do I add an image?
 To add an image to your BlueVoda web page, please follow the below steps: 1) In BlueVoda click the image button (or insert > image). 2) Go to the BlueVoda work space and then left click and hold the button. 3) Drag open a box, then release the button. 4) Double click the box to browse for an image to use. Also please watch the below video on inserting images into BlueVoda: http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt/custom_bluevoda_images.htm
 How do I add navigation buttons?
 In order to insert and edit navigation bars please follow the below steps: 1) Click on the navigation button on the left hand tool bar (or insert > extra > navigation bar). 2) Go to the BlueVoda work space, left click and hold the button down. 3) Drag open a box and release the button. 4) Double click on the buttons to edit them. Also please watch the below video on navigation bars: http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt/custom_bluevoda_menubar.htm
 How do I create a form?
 In order to learn how to create a form, please watch the below video: http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt/custom_bluevoda_basicform.htm If you wish to use a script driven form, be sure to read the directions beneath the video to learn how to set a BlueVoda form up to work with a script. We also include a simple php script, which you can edit and use for your script driven form.
 How do I insert HTML?
 In order to insert html into your BlueVoda web page please follow these steps: 1) Click the html button located at the top of the left hand tool bar (or insert > advanced > HTML). 2) Go to the BlueVoda work area, left click and hold. 3) Drag open a box, release the button. 4) Double click the box in order to insert your html code. The below video also details how to insert html into BlueVoda: http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt/custom_bluevoda_external_elements.htm
 How do I publish my page?
 To publish your BlueVoda website: 1) Click the publish button on the upper toolbar (or file > publish) 2) Change the server IP address to ensure that you are publishing to the right server. 3) Enter your cPanel username. 4) Enter your cPanel password. 5) In the folder field leave the public_html. 6) Hit publish. Below is a tutorial video on publishing: http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt3/custom_bluevodasound_publish.htm
 How do I import an existing HTML page into BlueVoda?
 Please click on the below link to learn how to import an existing HTML web page into BlueVoda. http://www.vodahost.com/DemoDemo/bvt4/26.htm
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