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Pre-Sales Questions (23) Domain Names & DNS (33)
How do I sign up?What does VodaHost cost and what features do you offer?Do I get a free domain name when I sign up?Is my credit card information safe?How long does it take to set up my account?Do you have a community forum?How do I get started building a website?Are there any hidden fees?Can I obtain a dedicated IP for my domain?Do you offer any other control panel program besides cPanel?more topics What is a domain name?What are VodaHost's name servers?How do I transfer my domain name to VodaHostDo I get a free domain name when I sign up?Adding additional domain names to your account.Where can i purchase additional domain names?My domain was registered by VodaHost. Who owns the domain?What is the domain name system (DNS)?Can I have multiple domains point to the same website?What is a top-level domain (TLD)?more topics
BlueVoda Website Builder (12) Email Issues (5)
Where can I find BlueVoda Tutorials?How do I name my pages?How do I install templates into BlueVodaHow to link your pages together with hyperlinks.How do I add text to my pages?How do I add a symbol to my page?How do I add an image?How do I add navigation buttons?How do I create a form?How do I insert HTML?more topics How do I set up my email accounts?Where do I go to check my emails using my browser? webmail?Our email policy and limitsI can receive emails but not send.I can send emails but not receive.more topics
Control Panel (13) PHP & mySQL (17)
Control Planel Tutorials - Complete ListPassword protecting your websiteHow do I create an addon domain name?How do I create a default (catchall) email account?How do I create an autoresponder?How do I redirect (forward) emails?How do I redirect a URL?My password login does not workmore topics What is PHP?Where can I find mySQL Documentation?Where can I find more information on PHP?What userid does my PHP scripts run under?What permissions do I need to use on my PHP scripts?What is the current version of PHP offered to clients?What are valid file extensions I can use for PHP scripts?How does VodaHost run PHP?Do I have to have a header at the top of my PHP scripts?Can I use PHP in conjunction with mySQL?more topics
Misc. Information (9) FTP (8)
Internet GlossaryMoving to VodaHost from another web host?Where can I get a free stat counter?VodaHost's Privacy PolicyVodaHost's Terms of Service (TOS)Where can I find Microsoft FrontPage TutorialsWhat is a SSL certificate?Why was my PayPal or 2CO 2Checkout subscription cancelled?How do I pay an invoice online?more topics Where can I find FTP tutorials?Where do I upload all the files pertaining to my website?Acceptable Use Policy on Anonymous FTPCan Anonymous FTP users upload files to my account?Can Anonymous FTP users move outside of the ftp directory?Hostname for FTP?What are the files and directories I see when I log in?Is my FTP activity logged?more topics
Common Publishing Errors (5) VodaBids (0)
12014 Error12029 Error12002 Error12031 ErrorFTP error codesmore topics
Billing Questions (2) VodaHost Affiliate Program (27)
PayPal subscription was cancelledHow to pay your invoicemore topics What is the VodaHost Affiliate Program?Is the VodaHost Affiliate Program free to join?How do I sign up with the VodaHost Affiliate Program?Am I required to have a web hosting account with VodaHost in order to join the Affiliate Program?Can I participate in the VodaHost Affiliate Program if I live outside of the United States?How long do I have to wait to start with the VodaHost Affiliate Program?How does the VodaHost Affiliate Program track my affiliate transactions?How do I track my Vodahost Affiliate Program sales activity and commissions?How does the VodaHost Affiliate Program handle customers who have their cookies disabled?VodaHost Affiliate Program Cookie Tracking Informationmore topics
 Ticket Etiquette - How to ask for help.
  Many of our customers have approached us asking for the most appropriate way to send in customer support tickets, to ensure the fastest and most efficient responses to your customer support tickets, we strongly recommend that you follow the below guidelines...1) One Ticket per Issue, New Tickets for New Issues.Suggestion: Please put only one issue in each ticket. If you have a different problem to address, please open a new ticket for this.Logic: When a new shift comes in, each new staff member has to read the entire ticket to understand what the issue is and how to resolve it. When the first 24 replies were pertaining to an issue already resolved, not only could this potentially cause confusion, but it can also slow down the rate at which we could have read and resolved your issue.2) Constantly Responding to a Ticket.Suggestion: Please do not constantly respond to a ticket simply to expedite the ticket.Logic: We understand some issues are quite important. However, currently when you make a response to the ticket, the ticket is sent back to the end of the queue as the last response time is reset. This achieves the opposite effect of your original intention.
 Control panel
 Hello,You can access your control panel via http://yourdomain.com/cpanelIf this does not work, most likely your ISP is blocking SSL/Port 2083 access.If this is the case, please use http://yourdomain.com:2082If your domain is not pointed to our servers yet, you can also replace "yourdomain.com" with the IP address assigned to your site.
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